Join Us on October 8 for our Autumn Assembly Fundraiser. Lucheon Learn!

October 8 is the Allen County Libertarian Party of Ohio’s inaugural “Autumn Assembly”…

…The title of the event is a work in progress, admittedly…

The event is scheduled for 1-5 p.m. This is the ACLPO’s first
fundraiser. The food will be fresh and the conversation is guaranteed
to be lively.

When it comes to entertainment, essentially we are stealing Bob
Bridges’ idea for the LPO cookout and holding a pie-in-the-face
auction featuring our local leadership (along with anyone else from
the state party we can con into participating). Bridges serves on the
LPO’s Central Committee and is the Franklin Co. LP’s Political
Director and is running for Columbus City Council this November.

We are encouraging Libertarian Party members not only locally but from
around the northwestern region of Ohio and beyond to come to Lima and
mingle. A lot of new faces have joined the party across this part of
Ohio and this will be a terrific opportunity for everyone to introduce
themselves to one another…

…And maybe wear some pie.

The fundraiser is taking place at the Allen County Sanitary
Engineering office, 3230 N. Cole Street in Lima, located halfway
between Diller and Bluelick roads.

We cannot charge admission, since we’re using a public building as our
location. We do ask that you make a $5 donation if you wish to partake
of the food as well as participate in the pie-to-the-face auction.

In addition to good food and the opportunity to bid on putting a pie
in one of our faces, there is even more exciting bit of news to share:

The ACLPO has been able to tentatively schedule a live video address by
R.J. Harris, Libertarian Party candidate for President. We have
received a preliminary commitment from his campaign. We are still on
solidifying the details of it.

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