Libertarians on the 2012 ballot in Allen County

Paul D. Hinds

Paul D. Hinds

It is with tremendous honor we announce the candidacy of several members of the Allen County Libertarian Party of Ohio for elected office in 2012.

Party Chair Don Kissick has made the decision to run for County Commissioner. He is seeking the seat currently held by Commissioner Sam Bassitt and has January 2, 2013, as its commencement date.

Paul D. Hinds has filed his petitions to run for District 12 State Senator in the Ohio General Assembly. Hinds serves as the ACLPO’s treasurer and is making his first run for office.

Don Kissick

Don Kissick

With his run for Congress in 2010, Kissick was able to bring expanded publicity to the Libertarian Party as well as the libertarian philosophy in and around Allen County.

A 2006 graduate of Perry High School, Hinds opened his own business at age 19 when he established Holiday Supply Etc. at Eastgate Plaza and is a past member of the Lima/Allen County Chamber of Commerce.

Kissick and Hinds were part of a trio of Libertarians who formed the party’s Allen County affiliate from November 2010 through January 2011.

Another individual we were able to persuade to run for

Chris Kalla

Chris Kalla

office is Chris Kalla, a resident of Shawnee. We are assembling a March 6 primary election write-in campaign for Kalla so he will be able to move-on to the general election with the Libertarian label — a course of action made possible due to the recent “reboot” of Congressional redistricting by the GOP-dominated General Assembly.

Also initiating a primary ballot write-in campaign is northeastern Ohio’s John Fockler, who is seeking candidacy as a Libertarian for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Democrat incumbent Sherrod Brown.

To get these two into the November election, we need you to request a Libertarian Party ballot when you vote in the March 6 primary. There, you’ll see Hinds’ name in the slot for State Senator and Kissick’s for County Commissioner.

John Fockler

John Fockler

In the section for U.S. Congress, print “Chris Kalla” in the blank space available for the “write-in” option. In the U.S. Senator portion, please print “John Fockler” in the appropriate spot.

Naturally, don’t forget to darken-in the oval next to everyone’s names – including next to the write-in candidates’ slots.

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