October 8 was pie time again!

Paul D. Hinds

ACLP Chair Don Kissick (with Kelly Holbrook)

The Allen Co. Libertarian Party of Ohio hosted its inaugural Autumn Assembly, dubbed an “opportunity to luncheon learn!

Designed to serve multiple functions, the event was a fundraiser for the ACLPO and a chance for party members from different reaches of Ohio to socialize and network. Attendees enjoyed the opportunity hear from one of the Libertarian presidential candidates.

The day’s finale was another pie-to-the-face auction, with Treasurer Paul D. Hinds (left) and Chair Don Kissick (right) doing the honors by taking one for the team.

Special thanks go out to Padhraig MacUidhir and Crystal Obertore of the Franklin County LP (and the crew they brought with them), LPO Finance Director Jillian Mack, 2010 Secretary of State candidate Charlie Earl and his wife, Pat, Cleveland-area LPO member Chris Glassburn, and everyone else who made the trip to Lima.

Of course, recognition is well deserved for ACLPO Vice Chair Eugene McCall and Secretary Amanda Holbrook for their contributions.

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