November 6 is two months away!

The final stretch for the campaigns is around the corner.

ACLPO tent at the Fair

The ACLPO’s tent at the county fair was a treasure trove of information.

The Libertarian Party at all levels is working harder than ever toward what undeniably will be a historic election for 2012. Our candidates for local, state, and federal offices are preparing for forthcoming debates. We’ve been handing out yard signs and literature. And, our tent at the Allen County Fair gave us a terrific opportunity to connect with many potential supporters as well as reach-out to the community at large.

With the ACLPO meeting on Saturday, September 15, the Executive Committee will tackle the remaining pieces necessary to host a public rally – our annual Autumn Assembly – on Saturday, September 29, starting 5 p.m. at the Allen County Engineering Office, located at 3230 N. Cole St. at the north end of Lima.

For the assembly, there will be local candidates in attendance as well as representation from the Johnson/Gray 2012 campaign.

Among other orders of business, the party will review and assess outreach efforts to date.

We hope to see you there!

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