Candidates getting local press coverage

ACLPOLibertarian candidates who will be on the ballot in Allen County have been able to garner a reasonable amount of coverage by local media. It is a refreshing change of pace… although it has not been without a peculiar moment or two (explanation of this at the bottom).

Still, focusing on the positive side for now, congressional candidates Chris Kalla and Eric Eberly received fair print space in The Lima News, as did Paul D. Hinds, who is running for Ohio’s District 12 State Senate seat.

Our full slate was covered by The Lima News in this write-up by Sarah Stemen.

The race for Allen County Commissioner has seen some of the most extensive coverage this year (outside of the Presidential race) by local media, including this pair of articles stemming from the candidates forum with the editorial board of The Lima News.

Speaking of the presidential race, three weeks ago, TLN columnist Tom Lucente encouraged Sunday paper readers to Live Free!”

There has been some controversy in recent weeks. The College Libertarians student organization at Ohio Northern University participated in a recent forum tackling the health care debate in America. WLIO, the Lima television franchise, covered the event but thoroughly omitted the participation by the Libertarians. Adding to the peculiarity, in the brief wide shots of the panel, there clearly can be seen three debaters joining the moderator. Only the student Republican and Democrat, however, were interviewed or even mentioned by the reporter. (The video for the news broadcast that night no longer is available at WLIO’s Website.)

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