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2012 Libertarian primary literatureIf you’re a first-time visitor to this Website, chances are you found our address after getting one of these door hangers at your home.

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read our pamphlet and deciding to learn more about the Allen County Libertarian Party of Ohio! Next, if you are one of the voters who requested a Libertarian ballot on March 6, thank you once again!

As we continue to grow, expanding our support base is critical for accelerating the party’s public visibility. The greater our numbers become, the better we will be able to spread the message and philosophy of individual liberty. Also, the more the media as well as the two legacy parties must give us our due┬árecognition.

Selecting a Libertarian ballot at each primary election is important because of the State of Ohio’s elections laws. For partisan elections (where each candidate is identified by party affiliation), all prospective candidates who wish to run as a member of a particular political party must find registered voters who are listed at the Secretary of State’s office as a member of his or her party to sign their petitions. Since formal party affiliation in Ohio is determined by which party’s primary ballot you choose, the importance of your decision on March 6 becomes that much clearer.

Additionally, if you register with the Libertarian Party of Ohio at its Website, you also become eligible for a position of leadership within the party.

We also would encourage you to participate in our outreach endeavors. For example, we just participated in the Lima Irish Day Parade this past weekend and had a blast. Not all activity is as fun but every task and operation is important for gaining positive exposure for the party and (most importantly) our message.

Together in Liberty!

Well, so you voted Libertarian… Now what?

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