Allen County Libertarians join Gary Johnson in Cincinnati

Paul D. Hinds and Gov. Gary Johnson

Hinds for Ohio teams-up with Johnson 2012!

A pair of Allen County Libertarians, State Senate candidate Paul D. Hinds and congressional candidate Chris Kalla, took time out of their busy schedules to catch-up with former New Mexico Governor and presidential candidate Gary Johnson during his campaign stops in the Dayton area and Cincinnati on Friday, October 5.

Johnson is doing extensive outreach to college students during his current set of campaign stops, looking to tap into the energy Ron Paul was able to generate among younger voters in recent years. Speaking to a full house at the University of Cincinnati, the Governor was able to see just how much enthusiasm there is for smaller government across the board: constitutionally limited; very fiscally responsible; and equally as socially tolerant.

A full video of Johnson’s speech at UC has been posted at YouTube.

Since you decided to stop by…

…We at the Allen County Libertarian Party of Ohio wish to invite you to also visit the Websites for the four Libertarian candidates who will be on all general election ballots in Allen County:

Don Kissick, who is running for county commissioner

Paul D. Hinds, candidate for State Senate District 12

Chris Kalla, making a run for Ohio’s 4th congressional district

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party’s nominee for President

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