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Everyone who came from LinkedIn is in some form of business, and we respect that, as we are small business owners, managers, and blue-collar workers.  What we believe is simple: Government should not be operated as if it has an unlimited budget, and unlimited say because it does not.  Government is using our tax dollars, to tell us what to do.  Our government was not created to control us, it was created to free us.

All of us know that when business slows down, we must make cuts.  We believe the government should be held to those same standards.  Why should government be free to do whatever they please, when we, the American People, are continuing to make hard choices to keep our businesses running.  We are the party of principal.  We are the party of individual freedom.  We are the party holding people, businesses, and government, responsible for their actions.  Sometimes when bad choices are made, there are consequences to be faced, however, when great choices are made, we also do not believe in penalizing that same company by over-taxing them, controlling them, and telling them what they must do once they become successful.

Please browse our site.  Look at our core issues, leave feedback for us to know where you stand, and if you believe in what we’re doing, consider even getting involved.  Thank you.

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