ACLPO celebrates first anniversary

ACLPO first anniversary

The ACLPO turns a year old

As was printed in The Lima News on January 23, we celebrated our first full year as a political party in Allen County at our monthly meeting the evening before.

We also offered the public an opportunity to meet several of our candidates that Sunday: Chris Kalla, a Shawnee resident who is running for Congress, Ohio District 4; Paul D. Hinds, a graduate of Perry High School and candidate for State Senate District 12; and Don Kissick, of Lima, seeking a seat as County Commissioner.

All three candidates present that evening hold or have held local positions of leadership for the Libertarian Party. Kissick presently chairs the ACLPO. Hinds serves as ACLPO treasurer. Kalla was Allen County’s original County Development Coordinator: a position later held by Kissick in which both gentlemen were given the responsibility of organizing a county affiliate in the area.

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